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8 reasons agriculture is a great industry to work for!

When people think of agriculture, they tend to think of farmers, tending the fields, tending crops or livestock. You may be thinking that I don't want to be a farmer, so farming is not for me. But think again and read these eight reasons why farm recruitment specialists think it's great to work in agriculture (and it's not just about being a farmer) ... 1. Agriculture is huge Agriculture is not just about agriculture, it has a wide range of career opportunities , including plant science, technology, the food industry, and more. The number and type of employers seeking new workers is huge, with 66,000 jobs between 2012 and 2020, and the employment rate of agriculture graduates seeking employment is 100%. The massive food and beverage sector is built on the backbone of the agricultural sector, which means that in agriculture there are jobs for everything between the farm and the store. Additionally, there is a wide range of industries that support the agricultural sect