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An electrician in New Castle with recognized know-how

Real Electrical Solutions is a professional in electrical installation with recognized expertise. It is based in New Castle and a member of the electricians selected by Legrand. The Real Electrical Solutions company is able to support you and offer you all kinds of equipment: sockets, switches, circuit breakers, electrical panel, videophone... while respecting the requirements of standard NF C 15-100 which concerns premises. dwelling.  Are you looking for an electrician in New Castle or in the surroundings to carry out individual work (apartment, house) or professional (buildings, shops, business offices)? Contact Real Electrical Solutions now to move forward on your electricity project in New Castle. Electrical installers with multiple skills Real Electrical Solutions is an electrical installer recognized by the profession: > regularly using products from the range and Legrand electrical panels, > it has signed a commitment to be part of the Certified Electrician system > re

The right to be a mother of women with disabilities

No woman asks (generally) whether or not she has the right to be a mother. In any case, it is asked whether it wants to be or not. We have that freedom. And yet, there is a group of women for whom this supposed free choice is called into question and goes unnoticed. That of women with physical or mental disabilities. More specifically: what barriers does a mother with a disability have to overcome? According to data from the United Nations (UN), one in 5 women in the world lives with a disability. Almost 20% of the disabled population is female. In Australia, however, a judge can decide the forced sterilization of these people if it is considered that they do not have sufficient capacity to decide for themselves. The psychological impact, social pressure and our own doubts can ruin one of the most important decisions of our lives. Can a woman with a disability freely decide to be a mother? The group of people with disabilities still has many battles to fight. The unemployment rat

How to choose the power of an electric meter?

 To choose the power of an electric meter, you have to take into account the area of ​​the home, the type of heating devices used and other electrical devices available in the home. The power electrical meter corresponds to the maximum power that the meter is capable of delivering. In practice, its power must allow it to support the consumption of all the electrical appliances in your house if they all come to work at the same time. If the electricity consumed exceeds the power of the meter, the meter trips, causing the power supply to be cut off. Find out how to calculate the power required for your home. The unit of measurement for an electric meter is the kilovolt ampere, or kVA. One kVA is equivalent to 1000 volt-amperes. 1 volt-ampere is equal to 1 watt. Watt is used to express the power of an electrical device. For example, a refrigerator is said to consume 200 to 350 watts, while a dishwasher consumes 1200 watts on average. Individuals can subscribe to an electrical power of be

5 tips to have photographs that generate reservations

  The statistics prove it: those who have good photographs on their hotel or vacation rental website get more than twice the number of bookings than the average.     Put the batteries and give them the importance they deserve. Your website, apart from transmitting trust and providing information, has to generate desire in your potential clients so that they go to your hotel or rural house and not choose your competition. Make the tourists mentally travel to your accommodation with the photos conveying the emotions they seek for their perfect trip. Invest in making a photo report professional is an investment that will pay off! (You will have more reservations both from your website and from the portals, you will have resources to enrich your social networks etc.) If you dare to take the photos on your own, we encourage you but it is necessary that you inform yourself before to really generate sales. So as to ensure that the pictures of the professional are good and if you pr