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The right to be a mother of women with disabilities

No woman asks (generally) whether or not she has the right to be a mother. In any case, it is asked whether it wants to be or not. We have that freedom. And yet, there is a group of women for whom this supposed free choice is called into question and goes unnoticed. That of women with physical or mental disabilities. More specifically: what barriers does a mother with a disability have to overcome? According to data from the United Nations (UN), one in 5 women in the world lives with a disability. Almost 20% of the disabled population is female. In Australia, however, a judge can decide the forced sterilization of these people if it is considered that they do not have sufficient capacity to decide for themselves. The psychological impact, social pressure and our own doubts can ruin one of the most important decisions of our lives. Can a woman with a disability freely decide to be a mother? The group of people with disabilities still has many battles to fight. The unemployment rat