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How to Pack a Move - Tips and Tricks?

At Best Removalists Newcastle we have already helped you on other occasions to prepare your moves, but now we want to go further and deepen the phase of packing your furniture and objects. Here are some tips on how to pack a move . This will make it much easier and more entertaining! Never leave it for the end Even if you think that you have few things and that the packaging will not take you time, there can always be unforeseen events that lengthen the process. Start packing everything you are going to take with you as soon as possible. Little by little, save what you do not need at that time, so that when the day of the move arrives, everything is ready. The night before, finish saving all the essential things that you have been using until now, leaving it for last. Do not exceed 20kg per box The heavier a box is, the more it will cost to transport it. Also, carrying a lot of weight throughout the move can lead to serious back problems. For this reason, it is recommended