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5 tips to have photographs that generate reservations

  The statistics prove it: those who have good photographs on their hotel or vacation rental website get more than twice the number of bookings than the average.     Put the batteries and give them the importance they deserve. Your website, apart from transmitting trust and providing information, has to generate desire in your potential clients so that they go to your hotel or rural house and not choose your competition. Make the tourists mentally travel to your accommodation with the photos conveying the emotions they seek for their perfect trip. Invest in making a photo report professional is an investment that will pay off! (You will have more reservations both from your website and from the portals, you will have resources to enrich your social networks etc.) If you dare to take the photos on your own, we encourage you but it is necessary that you inform yourself before to really generate sales. So as to ensure that the pictures of the professional are good and if you pr