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6 advantages of using WordPress to create your website

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems (CMS) to create web pages according to a survey conducted by web technology surveys

Systems for managing content on the Internet allow you to create, edit and publish web articles, with multimedia elements, quickly and easily.

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Of all the platforms to manage content that exist, WordPress is one of the most used. Below we will explain the reason for this by talking about its main advantages:

1. It is open source software

Open source software’s are those that can be modified and distributed freely, since their copyrights are in the public domain.

That WordPress is open source software is a great advantage. This allows any company, user or programmer to access the source code and get involved with its operation to:

  • Optimize your tools.
  • Detect and fix errors.
  • Make code corrections.
  • Implement new attributes.
  • Design plugins and extensions.
  • Innovate the platform.

In this sense, WordPress has a community of companies and web developers around the world who collaborate daily to ensure its growth.

custom buil wordpress website

This has allowed millions of users to enjoy WordPress completely free; although to create a custom website, you must pay for a domain and hosting.

2. It is easy to use and its installation is simple

One of the advantages of using WordPress for your website is that you do not need to be a web developer or have extensive knowledge in HTML programming to execute actions such as:

  • Write and edit publications.
  • Upload and edit images.
  • Install plugins and templates.
  • Insert videos and links.

WordPress has a five-minute setup wizard, setup is easy and requires no technical skills.

So if at any time you have used a program to create texts like Microsoft Word, then publishing an article in WordPress will be very easy.

The platform has a navigation menu and a tool panel that is friendly and intuitive enough so that anyone can learn to use it quickly.

3. Allows you to create SEO optimized blogs

To position your articles among the first search results, you must implement SEO practices, such as:

  • Incorporate keywords in URLs, titles and descriptions.
  • Make the text readable.
  • Insert an internal and external links

When you use the downloadable version of WordPress, you can install plugins like "Yoast SEO" that let you know when your blog is optimized for search engine rankings.

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For example, Yoast SEO tells you how many times your keyword is repeated throughout the article, if you need to add more keywords; it tells you if the text has complex words that prevent correct readability; alerts you when the text is not separated by subtitles that improve understanding.

It should be noted that you can access more than 54,000 plugins, some paid and others free, in which you can find a great variety oriented to web optimization.

4. It has a wide variety of attractive designs

WordPress offers you more than 11,000 themes on ThemeForest with which you can customize your website to your liking: incorporate the design you want and modify the elements of the template based on your needs.

WordPress templates usually incorporate their own panel of options, which allows you to change the color, upload a logo, change the background, use different styles to organize the information, and all this without having to write a single line of code.

This is a great advantage of using WordPress for your website, compared to other content management systems that tend to be more complex in terms of web design.

5. Fits the screen of mobile devices

WordPress configures your website automatically so that it can adapt to other devices and formats, such as tablets and smartphones.

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This is a great advantage as, today, mobile devices overtake computers as the primary means of accessing the Internet.

That is why WordPress themes already incorporate these features within their code. Thanks to this function, you do not lose readers and / or visitors simply because your website does not work correctly on a mobile device.

6. Allows to obtain statistics in real time through plugins

In digital marketing, all action within a strategy must be measured to know if it is yielding the expected results. So WordPress offers you a set of tools to track user behavior and actions on your website.

Through the platform you can obtain statistical data and reports on the activity of your website. This allows you to make assertive decisions and improve the focus of your strategy.

In addition, there are multiple plugins that you can install on your website to know the most accurate statistics of your page and complement them with the results that WordPress and Google Analytics give you.

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In this way, you can have another source to know data related to:

  • The web traffic of your website and of each of the pages.
  • The most read articles.
  • The bounce rate.
  • Number of new users.

The most popular plugins to obtain statistics are: Monster Insights, WP Statistics, Slim stat Analytics and Jetpack by

In short, WordPress is a system for managing content with multiple advantages and benefits. That makes it a great option for your website. Do you dare to use it? Contact us at Adept IT Solutions today, to help you build a custom WordPress website.


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