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5 tips to have photographs that generate reservations


The statistics prove it: those who have good photographs on their hotel or vacation rental website get more than twice the number of bookings than the average.   

Put the batteries and give them the importance they deserve. Your website, apart from transmitting trust and providing information, has to generate desire in your potential clients so that they go to your hotel or rural house and not choose your competition.

house accommodation

Make the tourists mentally travel to your accommodation with the photos conveying the emotions they seek for their perfect trip.

Invest in making a photo report professional is an investment that will pay off! (You will have more reservations both from your website and from the portals, you will have resources to enrich your social networks etc.)

If you dare to take the photos on your own, we encourage you but it is necessary that you inform yourself before to really generate sales. So as to ensure that the pictures of the professional are good and if you prefer to do it yourself, these tips and help you sell better your holiday giving life to your photographs!  for it:

1. Plan the session: Do not take pictures "like crazy"

You have to make a photo report that arouses the interest and desire to book for your potential clients. Spend time and create a script that helps you persuade by making them dream, look for the elements of each room that can differentiate you and make your accommodation special.

The key is to create spaces, both for photographing yourself and uploading the photos to the web and for tourists to want to take beautiful photos in your accommodation and share them on their social networks, thus enhancing your visibility without investment.

2. Prepare the scenes as if you were a decorator

Organize the spaces well and take care of every detail. Try with each scene that your clients feel everything that they can enjoy in your accommodation and in the environment. Our advice:

The essentials:

  • Photograph the strengths of each room (views, spaciousness ...) always with wrinkle-free bedding and well-folded towels.
  • Open curtains and blinds for natural light
  • Do not forget to photograph the bathrooms with their well-presented amenities, horizontal and clear photographs here too!
  • The pool with the loungers arranged with a refreshing drink
  • A very appetizing breakfast table set with care, with natural and regional products.
  • A delicious barbecue lit and integrated into a natural landscape.
  • The burning fireplace, along with a basket of ready-made firewood and a hot drink on the nightstand.
  • Take some close-up photos of details you offer and set you apart
  • Show the common areas but do not fill your website with photos of the reception, the stairs or the corridors as this is not the main reason for choosing tourists.

Other important aspects to consider:

  • You can take some photos showing the services you offer such as welcome packs.
  • Take a picture of the facade in its surroundings to help tourists understand the concept of accommodation you offer (if it is a house in the middle of the mountain, if it is a hotel in the city center, if it is an apartment on the outskirts.)
  • It is very important to take some photos with people to convey warm emotions and humanize the spaces, so tourists see a real experience and it is easier to awaken those thoughts and emotions that we seek: "I want to be there", "I want to live that", " I want my children to enjoy the pool like those children "etc.
  • Don't spend too much time photographing close-ups: there are times when the photos are only focused on planes in detail zoom and hardly show the accommodation.
  • For photos of gastronomy, show typical dishes of the area or that you offer but always appetizing, always well-presented and / or with a well-set table

3. Turn on all the lights and turn off the flash

The most common mistake is to photograph a room with the lamps off and use a flash that burns everything out. Although it is best to use natural light on a sunny day, also turn on all the lights. This extra lighting creates a completely different atmosphere, gives warmth and a tonality to the photo that makes it much more attractive.

Take advantage of the golden hours, sunrise and sunset from your accommodation to take photographs that are speechless.

In the case of night photos, neither reflections nor shadows, nor too strong a street light.

4. Give space to space

Although we take photos of some details, mostly, we have to photograph entire spaces (photograph the room by taking out a piece of bed with the views and not just the bed and the bedside table) To achieve greater amplitude, try photographing from the corners and in the middle height but never use the fish eye to get everything to show or show unrealistic oversized breadth!

5. Photograph each season of the year

If the first photograph that the tourist sees when entering the web is the swimming pool in winter or the fireplace in summer, the first sensation that we wake up to is "it is not what I am looking for” Think about what your client is looking for in each season and show what it offers your accommodation for each of them (fireplace, swimming pool, blankets ...)  put it clearly visible on your website and change the photos with a certain frequency to adapt to the different times of the year.

In addition, your environment may have specific seasons that distinguish you from the competition, such as the collection of mushrooms, truffles, popular festivals…. You should try to offer it to them through photographs at the right time.

Don't forget to edit them before uploading to adjust them for light and framing and critically select the best photos.


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