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How to Pack a Move - Tips and Tricks?

At Best Removalists Newcastle we have already helped you on other occasions to prepare your moves, but now we want to go further and deepen the phase of packing your furniture and objects. Here are some tips on how to pack a move. This will make it much easier and more entertaining!

Never leave it for the end

Even if you think that you have few things and that the packaging will not take you time, there can always be unforeseen events that lengthen the process. Start packing everything you are going to take with you as soon as possible.

moving tips

Little by little, save what you do not need at that time, so that when the day of the move arrives, everything is ready.

The night before, finish saving all the essential things that you have been using until now, leaving it for last.

Do not exceed 20kg per box

The heavier a box is, the more it will cost to transport it. Also, carrying a lot of weight throughout the move can lead to serious back problems. For this reason, it is recommended that the boxes do not exceed 20kg in weight.

In short, it is better to have to transport more boxes than to have fewer but heavier ones. Your back will thank you.

The heaviest objects, in small boxes

The heaviest objects that we want to transport to our new home should go in small boxes. The smaller the box, the more manageable it will be, which will greatly facilitate the entire process.

The lighter ones, on the other hand, can be accumulated in larger boxes.

Distribute the weight well

Put the heaviest objects in the bottom of the box. Then place the medium weight ones, to finish placing the lightest ones on the top. This way you will achieve a correct weight distribution and prevent the most fragile from being damaged.

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Distribute the objects by rooms

If you distribute the objects by rooms, ordering them in your new house will be much easier. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom ... put together the objects of each room and you will save yourself headaches and losses when unpacking everything.

Put names and labels

Another way not to lose or mix up any items is to put names or labels on all the boxes. This way you will know what each one contains and you will save time when ordering everything in the new house.

In addition to this, you can make a list with all the names you have written to have all the boxes controlled and ordered.

Protect the most fragile

The most fragile objects must be transported with the greatest possible care so that they do not suffer damage. Wrap them tightly with sheets, bubble wrap, or newspaper.

Also, try to put them together in the same box and not share space with heavier objects or that could crush them.

Make the most of space

Don't just pack all your things in boxes. There are several ways to create the most of your space. For example, you can put delicate clothes in suitcases that you want to take to your new home. The rest of the clothes can be transported in plastic bags, which take up less space than the boxes.

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You can also help yourself with the furniture. Inside the drawers and cabinets, different objects can be transported, as long as they are not very fragile due to the possibility of being hit.

Close the boxes hermetically

Try to close the boxes hermetically, using duct tape. If they are open or poorly closed, they can open during transport, causing damage or losses.

To avoid it. it is better to make sure that all the boxes are tightly closed and there is no possibility of opening.

Always check with your moving company

Before making any important decisions regarding the move, seek the advice of a professional. He will know how to transport the most fragile objects without causing them any damage, and will advise you on your move in general. If you need help with your move, at Best Removalists Newcastle we have a large number of professionals ready to help you.

It's very simple: Ask for a budget here, explain what you need and receive in your email the contacts of the best professionals close to you. You can compare quotes and opinions of other users and choose the one that best suits you. Leave your move in the hands of someone you trust and enjoy your new home without problems.


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