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Performing a pre-purchase building inspections

Just so we know we don't have any leaks in the waistline and we're going to pre-purchase building inspections do a visual I'm going to check both of our outlets the I'm going to check with my multimeter this one here I'm just going to check with my voltage tester and then we're going to do a visual on the backside now I will mention that my clients this pipe right here there is a clean up behind the washing machine.

Here so if they're going to get a sewer scope which the age of the house has a definite Pest Inspection recommendation that is where they're probably going to need to do it so they may ask the seller to remove this so they can get a sewer stroke done just so it doesn't get damaged crawlspace again you want to make sure you get in here safely sometimes they're a little difficult here looks like we have a pipe for our mitigation system really is nice.

pre-purchase building inspections

When we see where they drilled into the concrete here to mitigate both sides of the foundation I'm not seeing it right off usually when I see that I recommend you know the asbestos inspection house is always supposed to be tested for radon but that we test on the other side sometimes they'll test both sides but when I see this one mitigated for sure I want to make sure that pre-purchase building inspections sides working also here we have regulator water here's our main water shut-off.

This is an old-style gate valve I do tell my clients you know while they're still used if it's ever replaced most people are going to use a ball pre-purchase building inspections valve just so they have a lever less chance for leaks here this should be sealed all the way we want to look at our supports here make sure they're nice and plumb because they are connected all the way around so we're going to look there's a little bit of a fluorescence on the back foundation wall we had a had an issue with draining your grading back.

pre-purchase building inspections

There at the patio so that's not real surprising now we do have a pretty good crack right here usually what happens is the water comes down and it finds your foundation rebar the rebar corrodes and expands that's exactly what we're looking at right there there we can actually see the foundation rebar we are not structural engineers how I usually address this is I'll write this up as a long horizontal crack on the crawlspace rear foundation wall.

I always recommend in my summary that they have further evaluation about structural engineer this here most structural engineers would recommend epoxy injection we can see we have water coming through but they really need to fix the pre-purchase building inspections source of this water on the back side of the house if that patio is not fixed if the gutter downspouts aren't fixed and this is actually where the gutter was full of water also it doesn't matter what they do is just going to keep coming back.

So like I said water will bankrupt you they always have to fix the water first before we bother fixing any of this you know the good news is the rest of the foundation here looks pretty good so there's some repair to do on this wall when I put my hand pre-purchase building inspections down here.

I'm not really feeling a lot of movement this way but I'm seeing a lot of a lot of corrosion a lot of deterioration here's actually since the mitigation system was put in this is falling apart so that's really easy if some a lot of our mitigators put a date on the mitigation system.


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