How Do Moving Companies Keep Inventory Removalists?

The first way let's talk about a local move a moving right down the road you know mile down the road from where I currently live so the Newcastle Removalists going to come they're gonna put the goods on the truck everything that's in the home you should do walk through make sure the homes completely empty of all the items you want moved

Then they're going to deliver them into the new home and then should check the truck and make sure everything is off the truck you should personally do that that's what Newcastle Removalists would recommend because there is no formal inventory necessarily done in a move like that now if somebody wants that done.

They should request that of the move or prior to on an interest in an interstate move there would be an inventory of some sort created whether that's created on paper or was created on say a tablet or an iPad and what happens is each item actually would have a what we call an inventory sticker and that would be placed on whether.

It's the table to chair a box and they're all numbered and then that would correspond to the inventory that would be either on the tablet or written down on a piece of paper and the customer at to verify they receive all the goods at destination they would check off each number that crew will actually come through the door and they'll call off numbers and make sure that.

That way they have everything and then they'll be able to sign for each individual Newcastle Removalists oh great now i hear you mentioned the tablets and the bar coding your systems and Newcastle Removalists understand United has come up with a new inventory system and humble it certainly is implementing.

It can you tell us a little bit about how that will work and what those advancements really mean yeah I mean quite honestly it's an exciting time for us here at Humboldt and for united van lines because they've introduced what's called fast track inventory system and Newcastle Removalists are in the process now getting all of our crews van operators up and running on you know iPhones iPads smartphones and they'll actually be able to take the inventory.

That the sales representative creates in the home and use that as a starting point when they arrive in your house and then they'll be able to change around add to it and be able to really create a solid inventory so that it'll show the client what the damages are when Newcastle Removalists pick up the goods and then at destination Newcastle Removalists deliver them.

The customer will actually be able to use a barcode scanner and actually scan the items in the iPad or they'll flow to the iPad and check it off on a piece of paper and be able to show the crew leader and the client that everything checked off again so it's going to be really a neat thing or looking forward to get that up and running one hundred percent it sounds like a great advance and Newcastle Removalists mean.

If anybody's handwriting like mine is probably a lot easier to read digital format you're exactly right one of the toughest things in the industry is the client might not understand the damages and then that can lead to you know problems that destination when you know all of a sudden is a table and the crew leader felt like he put that on the inventory and the customer doesn't really see it 


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