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How To Choose Your Motorbike Spares And Cross Helmet?

Many times motorbike spares you can ask yourself what is the correct mini motorbike ? How to buy a cross helmet online? At Apollo Motorcycles we are going to give you some advice so that you can choose your correct size and model.
The helmet is an important accessory when practicing or enjoying your mini motorcycle, mini cross, mini quad or quad. That is why if it is difficult for you to find the right helmet, now you can do it from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you are.

The size of your helmet.

Before making the purchase, you must measure the diameter of the head. For this reason, the correct way to do it is by measuring the perimeter of the head at the height of the forehead and above the ears. Knowing the size, you will be able to know which size you should choose.

Brands normally have measurements ranging from XS to XXL depending on the centimetres of the head.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

The fit of your mini cross helmet

After choosing the correct size of your helmet and placing the order, you will be able to check that it fits you just right. So you should not put excessive pressure but you should not be loose. Once you have it inside adjust to the environment of the head but without squeezing.

Comfort Of Your Mini Motorbike Spares

Ventilation is important because it dissipates heat from the parts that are least accessible to the air flow.
Now that you know the correct mini motorbike , mini cross, mini quad or quad helmet size and putting these tips into practice. You can now have your helmet without queues or jams

How To Tighten the Chain Of Motorbike?

If you have stopped to read the user manual of your motorbike spares , you will see that keeping the chain pensioned is part of the maintenance of your vehicle. It is not a difficult operation to perform nor is it necessary to have special tools. Keeping it pensioned is not only part of the care that you must have with the mini bike but also with the safety of the driver, thus avoiding or breaking the chain or getting out of place.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Why tighten your chain ?

The chain suffers wear and tear from use. Wear causes the links to separate and for this reason the chain is gradually stretched. In addition, the lack of maintenance of the chain causes it to be stretched more and more. A loose chain causes increased wear not only on the chain but also on the sprocket. Therefore it is important to tighten the chain of Minamoto

How to proceed to motorbike spares in chain ?

Use a cross screwdriver to remove the motorbike spares chain cover. When the chain is tightened, the rear wheel is pulled back. Therefore, the first thing is to release the axle to avoid breaking the swing arm. It is best to get the bike onto the easel. Eccentric turnbuckles are the easiest. When turning to one side the wheel goes backwards and the chain is pensioned, it has felt the opposite, the wheel goes forward and the chain loosens.

The nut or screw is done by tightening or releasing the lockouts depending on where you want to move the shaft. They usually carry a scale somewhere to help you place the two sides in the same position. If they do not have it, try to measure that they are in the same place, so that the wheel is straight and not turned to one side

When you have the chain in place you motorbike spares should tighten the lockouts, then the rear wheel axle and again the nuts and lockouts so that they are secure. If you have pensioned the chain too much, you have to repeat everything until you achieve the desired clearance.


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