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Six Ideas To Small Bathroom Renovation

Are you looking for solutions for reform the bathroom? At Decoratrix, we have gotten to work and have selected  six good ideas that we want to share with you and that will surely help you plan your space to adapt it to your needs and desires.

1. Two Sinks Instead Of One :

You don't need a lot of space. Take a look at the photo: the zebra wood worktop is 111 cm long, x 55 cm deep, x 6 cm wide, and two medium-sized square sinks have been fitted into it Everything from Trentino. In the center, there is still space to put hygiene supplies. Of course, the mirror is in line with the length of the cabinet. No more fighting to see who brushes their teeth in front of the mirror!
Bathroom Renovation

2. Sliding Screen :

Clear glass better to open on both sides. Sometimes fixed or single-opening partitions end up being uncomfortable, especially in small bathrooms.

3. Enlarge With Mirrors :

The spaciousness of this bathroom is thanks, in part, to the optical effect of the mirrors. Take a good look: from the front, a wall-to-wall mirror that goes up to the sloping ceiling, and to the left inside a niche, another mirror that multiplies this space that is not as big as it seems (it measures 3 x 2 m). The use of white marble to cover the walls was another success, as well as the choice of a white cabinet and sink.

4. White Color Is A Great Ally :

We love this Bathroom Renovation So full of light, so diaphanous, so small and so well distributed ... It makes you want to stay there all morning, grooming yourself and practicing the "dolce far niente". Perhaps the main success has been the white color for floor and wall, which catches the light (believe it or not, the window is small and opens onto an interior patio). And also choose harmonic coatings that create a continuous surface: floor, walls, partition, etc. And the result is like a white box barely divided by lightweight glass partitions.
Bathroom Renovation

5. Non-Slip Shower Tray :

Choose a non-slip material that offers security. Although most of the models that you will find on the market already are, there are also products that are applied on any coating to give it this property. In principle, installing a shower tray does not have to pose problems: you only need a drain and take the water pipes. Shower tray made in Corian, with perimeter drain, in Trentino.

6. Hanging Toilets :

The suspended bathroom pieces are very light visually thanks to the fact that they do not touch the floor. In addition, when the cistern is hidden, they are smaller, and their presence decreases considerably, going more unnoticed. These two toilets are from Porcelanosa. Photos: Decoratrix.


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