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How to choose the power of an electric meter?

 To choose the power of an electric meter, you have to take into account the area of ​​the home, the type of heating devices used and other electrical devices available in the home.

The power electrical meter corresponds to the maximum power that the meter is capable of delivering. In practice, its power must allow it to support the consumption of all the electrical appliances in your house if they all come to work at the same time. If the electricity consumed exceeds the power of the meter, the meter trips, causing the power supply to be cut off. Find out how to calculate the power required for your home.

The unit of measurement for an electric meter is the kilovolt ampere, or kVA. One kVA is equivalent to 1000 volt-amperes. 1 volt-ampere is equal to 1 watt. Watt is used to express the power of an electrical device. For example, a refrigerator is said to consume 200 to 350 watts, while a dishwasher consumes 1200 watts on average.

Individuals can subscribe to an electrical power of between 3 and 36 kVA. In practice, a power of 3 kVA is sufficient for a studio when a power of at least 6 kVA is required for a larger accommodation.

How to assess the good power of an EDF meter?

The criteria taken into account to assess the Electrical Services required for a dwelling are as follows:

The surface area of ​​the accommodation expressed in m²,

The type of heating used (electric, heat pump, other...),

The possible presence of specific electrical devices. If so, does this equipment consume energy?

Please note that Total Direct Energie provides you with a tool for simulating your electricity consumption . The information thus obtained will allow you to determine the power required for your electricity meter.

Are you moving into new accommodation? Find out how to open an EDF meter .

What are the different meter powers for individuals?

To choose the right power for your meter, it is essential to properly assess your needs.

A power of 3 kVA is suitable for studios and apartments with an area of ​​less than 50 m², for which heating and hot water are provided by an energy source other than electricity. This power is suitable if the home is equipped with household appliances that require little electricity.

A power of 6 kVA is ideal for homes with an area of ​​less than 80 m², heated by electricity and equipped with a maximum of two large household appliances. A power of 6 kVA can also be suitable for a house or an apartment of more than 80 m² not heated by electricity.

A power of 9 kVA is suitable for homes of more than 80 m², with electric heating and hot water production, and which accommodate 2 to 3 large household appliances.

Finally, it is estimated that a power of 12 kVA is necessary for homes of more than 100 m² heated by electricity and which also have particularly energy-intensive equipment, for example a heated swimming pool or a heat pump.

How to find the power of your meter?

View your last electricity bill. The power of your meter is expressed in kVA,

If your home has an old generation electronic meter, press the scroll button several times to display the power in kVA,

If you have a Linky meter, press the “selection” button three times. The power you have subscribed will then appear.

Is your home equipped with an electromechanical meter? Its power is then expressed in amperes.


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