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Common causes of motorcycle accident and keys to avoid it

More than half of motorcycle drivers have suffered an accident in their life. Regardless of whether the responsibility is yours or that of another vehicle, the consequences are the same. In this article we will address the different causes of accidents when driving a motorcycle and we will give you the main keys to avoid an accident while driving. Contact Singleton Bike Shop for more info.

Common causes of motorcycle accident

According to the results of different studies, the main reasons why motorcyclists lose control are overtaking on the right, zigzagging between vehicles, among others. The main causes of accidents when driving a motorcycle are:

1. Losing control in a curve

Losing control around a curve is one of the most common accidents. Improper technique such as speeding or harsh braking can drag the rider off the asphalt or invade the opposite lane, and the outcome can be fatal.

motorcycle accident

2. Crossing collision

Taking into consideration the difference within the dimensions of a motorcycle and a vehicle are different. We cannot forget the obligation of the motorcyclist to remain visible. Announce the maneuver with the directional signals. In addition to something very important and that is to keep the lights on even if it is daytime.

3. Collision by range

Surely since we took the driving course as required by law in Colombia to date we have forgotten that there is a safety distance and that it helps us to stop before reaching the vehicle that precedes us, you never know when others may stop unexpectedly and an accident occurs.

4. Accident due to leakage of motorcycles in traffic

In addition to being a contravention, stipulated in the national traffic code, zigzagging between cars means always being in the blind spot of other vehicles. This is something that many motorcyclists are unaware of or neglect. We must worry about driving defensively, this implies respecting pedestrians, making our maneuver understood, not carrying out maneuvers that affect the other actors on the road and anticipating the maneuvers that others may make.

Keys to avoid a motorcycle accident

The number of motorcycle accidents increases every day thanks to the fact that the number of motorcycles traveling on the streets is also increasing. A margin of the reasons for the increase in the most important and we must consider is to generate awareness in drivers of two - wheelers of what is supposed to know "any errors in driving can be fatal" These are some of the principles basics for safe driving:

avoid motorcycle accident tips

1. Moderate speed

The main cause of accidents in all types of vehicle is speeding. The most powerful motorcycles have the same performance as those of a super sports car, with accelerations from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds and speeds greater than 180 km / h, any vehicle at this speed is a danger with wheels. Counting on this and the lack of passive safety and the poor condition of the roads, speed moderation is necessary.

2. Anticipate

Riding a motorcycle relies heavily on anticipating maneuvers. A driver who acts impulsively in anticipation of an accident. Motorcycle maneuvers must be fluid and precise; in this way the most complicated situations must be anticipated. Putting in the right change at the right time. Experts advise testing the bike on a circuit to evaluate the reactions under different conditions and high speed.

As you return to the tarmac and return to legal speeds and city conditions, the feel at the handlebars will improve substantially, also improving safety. Any type of maneuver will have to be taken into account even if it is illegal. One of the maneuvers that we hardly anticipate and that is easy, overtaking a car like this is on the right, even if the car is going to make a prohibited turn we must anticipate, all overtaking must be done on the left, whether it is on a motorcycle, bicycle or car. An unexpected lane changes or a car crossing in yellow or perhaps a car passes a yield, we must be vigilant and anticipate any adverse situation.

3. Maintenance

Any vehicle without proper maintenance is dangerous. The in case of the motorcycle should be essential since in case of a malfunction of this it can consider a risk for the driver and his passenger. The condition of the tires is very important. Worn or bad tires will make us slide around curves and lead us to a fall. Visit Singleton Bike Shop once or twice a month to have your motorcycle well maintained to avoid accidents.

motorcycle maintenance

4. Conditions and environment

The weather, who would say it, apart from the fact that on the motorcycle we cannot protect ourselves from the rain, the loss of grip, the dust, the grease mixed with the water as well as the lines of the road, the zebra crossings, can become on a soapy track that will take us directly against the pavement.

5. Motorcycle according to the driver

A motorcycle according to the driver should not be too big, too heavy for the size of the rider. Also not a powerful motorcycle recommended for a low accumulated experience in motorcycle driving. In itself, any adjective that we add too much to contributes to a danger. There is no point venturing on fast roads with low powered motorcycles. Biker friend, if you associate all the characteristics with “too much” it is necessary to exercise extreme caution and not let the adrenaline take your common sense away.


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